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POCO CRM Overview:

POCO Customer Relationship Management Software focuses on dealing with the people who are the profit and revenue boosters of the enterprise. It enables the organization to manage their clients with great deal of efficiency.


This module registers the complete details of all the contacts and enquiries that are incorporated in the system. It provides single bird’s eye view of your target audience details. All the inquiries are listed and are tracked till they are transpired to actual sales. This gives gist of all the activities that has played effective role to materialize the inquiries into sales. Know CRM also aids in tracking the lost leads and opportunities along with tracing on the reasons for their non-conversions. This enables the organization to look out for the loopholes that were responsible for lost opportunities and aid the management in planning accurate action plan for rectifying the malware and chaos in the whole process.

Key benefits of POCO CRM:

  • Better Functioning: The primary purpose of CRM software is to streamline all major areas of customer interactions. This can include managing contacts, setting appointments, monitoring a marketing campaign, handling customer service, and numerous other tasks. KnowIT CRM makes use of a dashboard, analytics and reporting tools to provide business owners with an all-encompassing vantage point of operations. By spotting patterns and identifying trends, this puts you more in control of customer engagement so your business can run more efficiently.
  • Task management: Meeting deadlines is very important in today’s business world. By inputting information like scheduled appointments and important tasks, it takes the guesswork out of project completion. KnowIT CRM also allows this data to be synced with a calendar to keep you informed of upcoming tasks and deadlines. For instance, if you have sales call scheduled with a valuable lead, KnowIT CRM would send you an email in advance so you remember to make the call. This way you can juggle all of your tasks while ensuring that each customer gets the attention they need and nothing is forgotten.
  • Salesforce management: If you have assembled a team of sales reps, it’s important to keep tabs on their progress and know just how effective they are at nurturing leads and closing sales. KnowIT CRM provides a firsthand look into each team member’s sales statistics, including information like average lead contact time, task completion time and conversion rate. This way you can reward the top performers and coach individuals who need some extra help. Over time, your sales department should operate like a well-oiled machine where sales are maximized.
  • Increased Organization: When dealing with hundreds or even thousands of customers, it’s easy to become disorganized and overwhelmed. Fortunately, KnowIT CRM makes it simple and intuitive to keep customer information organized and retrievable. By maintaining a contact list, it gives you quick access to a wealth of information like customer email, telephone, buying history etc. Performing a search will provide an overview of this information so you can extract what you need without the hassle of searching through paper folders or using other outdated techniques.
  • More Selling Opportunities: As information on customers accumulates, it’s common for more opportunities to present themselves. For example, keeping track of a particular customer’s buying patterns would make it clear what they are most interested in.When launching a new product that’s similar, you could make it a point to contact that customer and let them know. Consequently, this makes it possible to increase sales without having to constantly advertise to new customers. By capitalizing on an existing customer base, you can get more repeat sales while keeping customers happy.
  • Access from Everywhere: In the modern business world, mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become the norm for many businesses. KnowIT CRM makes it possible to complete tasks and stay up to date on projects regardless of location. This helps all team members boost their productivity and get things done on the road.


Q. What are the main features of POCO CRM?

The key features of POCO CRM are as follows:

  • Case Management
  • CRM & Sales Dashboards
  • Customer Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Supplier and Purchase Order Management
  • Solution Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Mobile App
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Field Sales Management
  • Dashboard
  • Import & Export Data
  • Inquiry Management
  • Sales Dashboards & Reports

Q. How much do the POCO CRM cost?

The POCO CRM has 2 plans – POCO Basic INR 499 (User/Month),POCO Plus INR 699 (User/Month).

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of POCO CRM?

POCO CRM has the following typical customers: Personal, Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Q. Which mobile platform does POCO CRM support?

POCO CRM supports the following devices: Android

Q. Which operating system does POCO CRM support?

POCO CRM support the following operation system : Web App

Q. What payment method does POCO CRM support?

POCO CRMsupport the following payment methods : Onetime, Saas.

Q. What is the deployment type?

POCO CRM has deployment type : Web Base.

CRM Features
Capture Leads from Twitter/Facebooks
Email Marketing / SMS Marketing
Lead Generation
Mass Email
Lead Scoring
Survey Management
Lead Management
Simple SignOn
Social Media Integration
Attendance Tracking
Sales Pipeline Tracking
Real Time Analytics
Opportunity Management
Sales Forecasting
Invoice Generation
Import & Export Data
Email Templates
Support Management
Workflow and Automation
Notification & Reminders (SMS, Email, App)
Location Tracking
Check In/Out
Custom Report Builder
Customer type
Large enterprises
Medium business
Small Business / Startups
On Premise
Device supported


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