MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software

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MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software Overview:

Marg HR Expert is specialized in providing the solution for HR Software. Marg human resource management system is designed to handle all the need of a organisation in systematic, effectual and easier way.In Marg HR Xpert Software, there are Leave & bonus management systems, user wise access rights, Automatic salary calculation, Intimation of salary & attendance through SMS, Salary slip over mail. Needless to say, but through its continuous efforts of providing online as well onsite support with the help of 370+ support centers and hard work, Marg has made clientele of over 6 Lakh users of different trades.Marg has designed its Marg Payroll Software to meet up the requirements of user. Marg Payroll Software is fully expertise in managing all the systems like Human Resource Management system, Employee Payroll Management System, Employee Compliances Management System etc… effectively and efficiently. In Payroll Software, there is a track of every information related to employee compensation or related to wages (bonuses, etc …).



  1. Our salary payroll System has user friendly interface.
  2. You can enter payment information quickly by Marg Salary Payroll Software as compared to a manual system.
  3. Computerized payrolls simplify tax processing by computing the data.
  4. Our payroll system can integrate with Biometric software as well.
  5. Computerized payroll eliminates the stress of processing all the records.
  6. You can get your old payroll reports when you needed in just a click
  7. This time attendance payroll system will track and maintain all the information of salary transfer
  8. Payroll system helps saves much time

FAQs of MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software

Q. What are the main features of MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software?

The key features of MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software are as follows:

  • Bonus, Loan & Advances Management
  • Exit Management & Seperation Management – Full And Final Settle ment
  • Multi User login & Roll based access
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Pay Slip
  • Multi Company
  • Salary Adjustment

Q. How much do the MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software cost?

Cost not specify.

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software?

MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software has the following typical customers: SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

Q. Which mobile platform does MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software support?

MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software supports the following devices: Android

Q. Which operating system does MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software support?

MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software support the following operation system : Web App, Windows

Q. What payment method does MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software support?

MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software support the following payment methods : Onetime.

Q. What is the deployment type?

MARG ERP 9+ Payroll Software has deployment type : Installed.


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