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Hotelogix PMS Overview:

Hotelogix is a robust cloud-based Hotel Management System that offers next-gen capabilities needed by hotels to simplify reservations, improve operating efficiency and maximize revenue. Hotelogix enables real-time integration with all major Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and Global Distribution Systems (GDS) to expand your market reach, increase occupancy rates, and eliminate booking errors. Hotelogix has a decade of experience in serving hotels across 100+ countries.


Hotelogix Front Desk is laid out as a grid that displays ‘up to the minute’ status of your property. It is a reservation chart that doubles up as a powerful dashboard. You can draw bookings on it directly or update them with simple point and click controls. Carry out the most complex room operation tasks in a simple way.

At Hotelogix, It help both the old and the emerging hotel climb onto it platform which lets them match the versatility and dynamism of the larger, more resourceful hospitality businesses. It do this by creating great technology and by making it available to hotels that previously wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Hotelogix offers a revolutionary new Frontdesk interface to work with at the heart of its PMS. It is a Dynamic Tape Chart that is designed with years of research, and a closely coordinated development with some of the best brains the industry has to offer. The result has been a celebrated new design that hoteliers swear by for its simplicity, and flexibility that its powerful Graphical interface offers even on a basic dial-up Internet connection.

The up-to-the-moment hotel status is displayed on screen at all times. The nice part is that this simple status chart lets you work on it directly. So add/edit even the most complex form of bookings, reservations; or transact check-ins, check-outs or payments on the fly within seconds.

FAQs of Hotelogix PMS

Q. What are the main features of Hotelogix PMS?

The key features of Hotelogix PMS are as follows:

  • Database backup/restore (Management)
  • Groups
  • Inventory Management
  • POS invoicing
  • House keeping
  • Property Management
  • Multi Property Support
  • Maintainence Management and Administration
  • Mobile App
  • Online Booking
  • Reservations Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Guest Experience
  • Maintenance Management
  • Reviews Management
  • Booking Engine
  • CPC & Instant Booking
  • Google Hotel Ads
  • Intelligent Yield Maximization
  • Daily Reports
  • Yield Maximisation
  • Individual Property Review Analysis
  • Meta Search Marketing on Google
  • Email and SMS Alerts
  • Room Allocation Management

Q. How much do the Hotelogix PMS cost?

The Hotelogix PMS has 2 plans – Premium INR 250 (Room/Month),Enterprise INR 375 (Room/Month).

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of Hotelogix PMS?

Hotelogix PMS has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Agencies.

Q. Which mobile platform does Hotelogix PMS support?

Hotelogix PMS supports the following devices: IOS, Android

Q. Which operating system does Hotelogix PMS support?

Hotelogix PMS support the following operation system : Web App

Q. What payment method does Hotelogix PMS support?

Hotelogix PMS support the following payment methods : Monthly,Yearly.

Q. What is the deployment type?

Hotelogix PMS has deployment type : Cloud Based.

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Hotel Management
Auto eCollect for Pay@hotel bookings
Banquet and conference Management
Booking Chart Management
Booking Engine
Cab Services
Catering Management
Centralised Reservation System
Chain Review Analysis
Channel Manager
Channel Partner
Competitor Rate Intelligence
CPC & Instant Booking
Daily Reports
Database backup/restore (Management)
Dynamic Pricing for Room Rates
Email and SMS alerts
Employee Management
Financial Management
Food and Beverage Costing
Front Office management
GDS OTA Integration
Google Hotel Ads
Guest Experience
Guest List Management
Guest Management
Hotel Sales Analytics
House keeping
HR & Payroll
Individual Property Review Analysis
Intelligent Yield Maximization
Inventory Management
Laundry Management
Maintainence Management and Administration
Maintenance Management
Marketing Management
Messaging System
Meta Search Marketing on Googl
Meta Search Marketing on Tripadvisor
Mobile App
Multi Currency


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