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EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness Overview:

EDUMAAT is an enhanced ERP that automates the education sector that starts from student admission to graduation. An educational institute is a place where the management, the students, the parents and the faculty are identified as stakeholders.


EDUMAAT is a software tool designed by JD SOFT that automates the education sector. The education institute is driven by the performance and the learning ability of the students and the courses that the institute offers. The primary aim of an institute is the preparing the students and imparting knowledge to the students that will produce enlightened students who can contribute in the furthering of knowledge in the specific disciplines of study, to the business and society. EDUMAAT attempts to achieve all these and helps the management of the institute to run a self sustainable knowledge house that can meet the above needs.

This brief is about how EDUMAAT attempts to accomplish this goal.


There are three stakeholders that the institutes face on a regular basis and they are the Students, Parents and the Management themselves. Any ERP and automation tool should be able to address the specific needs of all these stake holders. EDUMAAT attempts to address the needs of all these stakeholders and also further helps in achieving a greater insights and help grow the efficiency of the primary stake holder in the development i.e. the students themselves.

Lets see in detail how each stake holder needs are addressed and automated to provide greater insights that can help in the growth of each stakeholder.

The Management

Here the management includes the institute management, faculty and the staff. EDUMAAT follows a process approach to satisfy the needs of the management.

  1. EDUMAAT offers a complete automation of the admission process there by reducing the time consuming documentary needs and the manpower deployment in shifting through the documents and grading of the same.
  2. EDUMAAT offers a complete suit of scheduling system for the class room schedules and the faculty allocation for the subjects and classes
  3. EDUMAAT offers a complete suit of asset management and allocation of assets that will be useful so that a maximum leverage can be drawn from the institute assets.
  4. EDUMAAT offers the management an insight into the finances of the institute and automates the student fees management and payments
  5. EDUMAAT offers a complete management of faculty performances and the asset performance of the institute
  6. EDUMAAT can offer an insight into the course performance and the asset requirements for the courses and the knowledge enablement for a course. This can also be used for staggering the courses and revenue management of the courses.
  7. EDUMAAT helps the management in monitoring the performance of various aspects both educational, asset, financial, faculty, student and infrastructural performance of the institute.
  8. EDUMAAT offers daily dashboards to the management on all the above, which will give a complete real time insight into the institutes functioning.
  9. A complete suite of library management, document management, asset management, hostel management, transport management and infrastructure management helps the management of the institute to perform better in all the set parameters.

The Faculty

The faculty or the teaching staff of the institute are the strength of the institute and the performance of these teaching staff is the fulcrum that helps the students in gaining knowledge and preparing them to meet their individual goals and aspirations.

  1. EDUMAAT offers an option for the faculties to plan their lesson/course schedules and give them an heads up in delivering timely notes and lectures to the students.
  2. EDUMAAT offers a complete tool for the management of the notes and lectures as a knowledge base so that the same can be accessed from anywhere which helps in the furthering learning of the students and the faculties themselves.
  3. EDUMAAT offers a complete suite of assignment management for the faculties that helps in efficient time management
  4. EDUMAAT offers a complete insight in to the student performance against the assignments, class performance and other criteria in which the students are measured.
  5. EDUMAAT helps the faculty in identifying and monitoring of all the students within their control so that they can impart individual attention to some students who may be week
  6. EDUMAAT helps the faculty in identifying the needs for foundation courses and other extra courses for the individual students.
  7. EDUMAAT offers an analytical insight into the performance of the courses and the assignments results.

The Student

The students are the ultimate reason why the institute exists. So it is of primary importance that the students become better citizens and the institute is able to help the student in achieving their short term goals and make a foundation for their long term ambition. EDUMAAT helps in doing that and offers the student the freedom of monitoring themselves and improving on their abilities.

  1. EDUMAAT offers a complete process for the students to pay the fees and monitor the fees paid and associated reports
  2. EDUMAAT offers the students the convenience of reference to the back dated lectures and courses through the document management system. So they don’t miss a class.
  3. EDUMAAT offers the students the complete schedule of classes on any day or month or even in a year. So that they do not miss a class.
  4. EDUMAAT gives the student their performance in attendance, course completion and other criteria of evaluations and student activities.
  5. EDUMMAT has a complete suite of student performance management that gives the student their performance in the course, an analytical insight of their performance in their class and University as a whole etc.
  6. EDUMAAT gives and insight to the student the subjects and the courses that they need to be improving upon and the ones that they need to still keep their position and learn more etc. These will enable the students to perform better as they have now got the insights of their weakness and their strengths
  7. EDUMAAT helps the students in the online references of books, periodicals and courses through e-library (if the institute has digitized library installed)
  8. EDUMAAT also helps the student in online references of books, periodicals and courses through eduMart (an optional subscription based tool for students)
  9. A dash board that gives a complete insight to their learning journey within the institute provided to all the students that can be accesses through any mobile devise or laptop. This will enable the student to be up to date of their own performance and areas of improvement and will help the institute to create an learning enabled environment.

The Parents

Even though the students are the real education service receivers, it is the parents who make the investment and they are an important stakeholder like the faculty in the growth of the students and achieving greatness. EDUMAAT provides the dashboards and gives all the insights that are required about the performance of the students.

  • EDUMAAT enables the parents in monitoring the schedules, attendance and performance of their ward in any of the opted courses.
  • Parents can have a detailed insight into the individual performance of their ward against all the papers and subjects and the predictions on how their ward will perform in the year ahead. This will give a leg up to the future performance of their ward that helps them in making some corrective actions.

EDUMAAT helps the parents in knowing the complete schedules and enables the direct communication between the institute and the parents

FAQs of EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness

Q. What are the main features of EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness?

The key features of EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness are as follows


  • Accounting
  • Attendance management
  • Database backup/restore (Management)
  • Event Calendar
  • Examination Management
  • Financial Management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Library Management
  • Reception & Front Office
  • SMS
  • Time Table
  • Fundraising Management
  • Faculty Management
  • School Management
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Bookstore Management
  • Classroom Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Facility Management
  • Independent / Private
  • Parent Portal
  • Special Education
  • Student Portal

Q. How much do the EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness cost?

Cost not specify.

Free trial : Available.

Q. Who are the typical users of EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness?

EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Agencies.

Q. Which mobile platform does EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness support?

EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness supports the following devices: Android

Q. Which operating system does EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness support?

EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness support the following operation system : Web App

Q. What payment method does EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness support?

EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness support the following payment methods : Onetime.

Q. What is the deployment type?

EDUMAAT – Imagine Greatness has deployment type : Cloud Based.


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