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Deskera ERP Software & Solution Overview:

Deskera is a leading provider of business management software in India, provides the best and preferred ERP, CRM, HRMS, PM, LMS and Project management software which helps small and medium businesses (SMEs) boost productivity and accelerate growth.


Deskera is an award-winning integrated business platform that helps you run your business.

From bookkeeping to financial reports, from sales to customer service, from running your payroll to recruitment and from projects to inventory management. Deskera is an integrated business software suite that helps you run your business.

Cloud ERP Software by Deskera is the most preferred ERP Cloud in the industry that helps small and medium businesses (SMEs) get complete visibility of business operations and streamline their processes.

Deskera ERP Features

Accounting Features :

– Accounts Payable
– Accounts Receivable
– Bank Reconciliation
– Billing & Invoicing
– CPA Firms
– Expense Tracking
– Fixed Asset Management
– Fund Accounting
– Government
– Nonprofits
– Payroll Management
– Project Accounting
– Purchase Orders
– Tax Management

Enterprise Resource Planning Features :

– Distribution Management
– Enterprise Asset Management
– Financial Management
– HR Management
– Inventory Management
– Order Management
– Project Management
– Purchase Order Management
– Reporting/Analytics
– Supply Chain Management
– Warehouse Management

FAQs of Deskera ERP Software:

What does Deskera ERP offer?

Deskera ERP is intuitive, easy to use ERP software that facilitates recording and processing of all the financial transactions. From invoices, purchase orders and inventory tracking to receipts, Deskera ERP provides a quick and efficient way to manage your financial ERP processes. The paperwork involved in the ERP process is eliminated and all the transactions are performed online.

How do I access Deskera ERP?

To access Deskera ERP, all you need to do is login with your username and password provided by your Administrator using a web-browser. You do not need to download, install or even setup the application.

Can anyone else access my personal information?

Your personal information is completely secure within Deskera ERP. Role-based access ensures that a user can only access information as per the assigned permission levels on the basis of his/her role and work function.

What is ‘Quick Search’?

‘Quick Search’ allows you to get search results as soon-as-you-type without even hitting the enter button. This functionality provides faster search results from the very first letter you type and is incorporated in all ERP Modules.

How can I configure automatic number generation for invoices, receipts etc?

You can automatically generate numbers for invoices, receipts etc in any customized format using letters, special characters and numbers through ‘Account Preference’ link on your Dashboard. Build the format according to your convenience and put in zeroes (at least 6) in the format wherever you want the number to be generated automatically For Example: Entering A0B00C000 will generate automatic numbers as A0B00C001- A0B00C999, A0B01C000 – A0B99C999 and A1B00C000 – A9B99C999.

How can I configure templates for exporting invoices, receipts etc in PDF format?

Export ERP transactions such as Invoices, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Credit Note, Payment Receipts and more in PDF format for easily viewing, sending or printing these details. You can also easily export ERP reports such as financial reports, aged receivables, aged payables and more in PDF format. Deskera ERP allows you to customize the export format by defining Export templates. You can create a new template easily by clicking on ‘Create New’ in the window displayed on clicking ‘Export to PDF format’. You can easily configure the title, header and footer notes, date, paging, page border, page layout, company logo, background color, text color and more to create a new template. These templates can be saved in Deskera ERP which allows you to quickly export by selecting a pre-defined template and clicking ‘Export’. You can also choose the columns you want to export by clicking on ‘Select Columns’, selecting the required columns, configuring their width and clicking ‘Export’ to download PDF file in the required format.

Can I choose columns to export invoices, receipts etc in CSV format?

Export ERP details such as Invoices, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Credit Note, Payment Receipts and more in CSV format for viewing, editing in spreadsheet format. You can easily choose the columns you want to export by clicking on ‘Export to CSV file’, selecting the required columns and clicking ‘Export’ to download CSV file in the required format.


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ERP Features
Accounting Management
Inventory Management
Project Management
Sales Management
Enterprise Asset Management
Financial Management
HR Management
Order Management
Warehouse Management
Supply Chain Management
Distribution Management


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