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CallPro CRM Overview:

CallPro CRM is the leading hosted system for CRM, inside sales, lead generation/telemarketing departments and businesses around the world. CallPro CRM offers a unique combination of CRM, emailing functionality and call efficiency.


Our commitment to our product is matched by our commitment to support. We offer high availability and excellent response times through multiple centers in strategic global locations.

Why choose CallPro CRM?

  • Calling functionality: Customers use the CallPro CRM calling functionality for lead generation, nurturing, telemarketing, telesales, prospecting, appointment setting, fundraising and customer service. CallPro CRM has the best calling functionality of any other CRM – period. We’re not just talking about click-to-dial, it’s everything else that makes it an efficient and effective process.
  • Built-in email marketing: Customers use the built-in email marketing to combine the lead generation tools and generate more business. The dynamic web forms are used by customers to (among other things) obtain feedback from sales appointments, the results go right back to the record for full cycle reporting. Built-in email marketing is getting quite common in CRMs, but CallPro CRM takes it further by integrating with the calling functionality and also enabling dynamic web pages – ie e-marketing, not just email marketing.
  • LinkedIn / social media: Customer sales and lead generation departments love the extra information that is now immediately available to them. CallPro CRM is able to show a list of people from LinkedIn who work for the company (record) you are currently looking at. No other CRM does this. Also available is to view Google News and interact with the company and contacts Twitter feeds.
  • Multiple databases: Customers use multiple databases to manage separate lead generation, sales and support departments. Outsource marketing companies use multiple databases for all their customers to keep them all separate. CallPro CRM is the only CRM offering multiple databases. Each database can be configured separately (including user defined fields) – which is ideal for multiple departments and marketing agencies.
  • Flexibility: Customers are wowed by the ability to easily configure the system themselves to do what they want, rather than having to conform to how the system works. CallPro CRM is the most flexible CRM on the market. No technical knowledge is required, everything can be configured using the normal user interface (with the right user permissions). Unlimited screen layouts can be set to individual users or projects, user defined fields are easy to configure, store information on products, services and contracts, define workflows.
  • FAQs &  CallPro CRM Reviews

    Q. What are the main features of CallPro CRM?

    The key features of CallPro CRM are as follows:

    CRM & Sales Reports

    Document Management

    Inventory Management

    Product Database

    Territory Management

    Contact Management

    Call Center Management

    Interaction Tracking

    Quotes Management

    Q. How much do the CallPro CRM cost?

    The CallPro CRM has 2 plans – Lite Solution INR 134994.42 (User/Month),Full Solution INR 3681.66 (User/Month).

    Free trial : Available.

    Q. Who are the typical users of CallPro CRM?

    CallPro CRM has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

    Q. Which mobile platform does CallPro CRM support?

    Note : We are updating soon

    Q. Which operating system does CallPro CRM support?

    CallPro CRM support the following operation system : Web App, Windows

    Q. What payment method does CallPro CRM support?

    CallPro CRM support the following payment methods : SAAS.

    Q. What is the deployment type?

    CallPro CRM has deployment type : Install, Web Based.

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