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Ayoga Overview:

Ayoga is a cloud-based construction project management software for Real Estate, Infrastructure, EPC, Contractors, Architects, Engineering Services and Project Management Companies. It helps you to manage your projects, unplanned tasks, materials, documents, designs, manpower, equipment, vehicle, vendors, suppliers, billing, sub-contractors.


Ayoga is a cloud based collaboration platform that simplifies Project management by driving a lean, project-centric approach. Ayoga enables reliable planning of projects, streamlines planned and unplanned work, centralizes project communication, creates accountability and integrates all factors that impact project progress. Technology rich Ayoga features connect Stakeholders, Resources, Designs, Location data, Drawings, Documents and Field data for global collaboration on Web, Mobile or any desirable device or platform.


  • Ayoga PPL is a cloud based Pull Planner that facilitates reliable scheduling and monitoring of Projects.
  • Ayoga RFI is a versatile, multifunction tool, which ultimately aims at creating accountability and expediting flow of information across stakeholders for quick decision making.
  • Ayoga DMS helps you to manage your designs/drawings with version control and access control features.
  • Ayoga IoT helps you to track your equipment and vehicles and optimizes utilization.
  • Ayoga Geo fencing helps to track the resources in a geographical area through a virtual boundary and triggers an alert when the designated asset enters or exists the demarcated enclosure.
  • Ayoga Mobile ensures users stay notified and simplifies access to Project data 24/7.
  • Ayoga Billing simplifies cash flow management by associating the allocated project budget to the project plan.
  • Ayoga transmittals keep record of documents sent to internal or external stakeholders.
  • Ayoga ActBOT is a simple, interactive mobile and web based chat application that connects Project Members and Ayoga in a virtual office environment.
  • Ayoga RFI-CAD Plugins connect engineering data to the project management to track the real site status of the project.

    FAQs of Ayoga:

    Q. What are the main features of Ayoga?

    The key features of Ayoga are as follows:

    Job Costing

    Task Management

    Lead Management

    Workflow Management

    Billing & Invoicing


    Customizable Reporting

    Document / Photo Management

    Daily Log Software

    Q. How much do the Ayoga cost?

    Cost not specify.

    Free trial : Available.

    Q. Who are the typical users of Ayoga?

    Ayoga has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises.

    Q. Which mobile platform does Ayoga support?

    Ayoga supports the following devices: IOS, Android

    Q. Which operating system does Ayoga support?

    Ayoga support the following operation system : Web App

    Q. What payment method does Ayoga support?

    Ayoga support the following payment methods : Monthly.

    Q. What is the deployment type?

    Ayoga has deployment type : Cloud Based.

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Inventory control
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